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You are welcome to come and join us! Whether it is to just sit and listen, or to be part of a social group. Our talks and group social meetings will help you understand why you drink and why you have found it so difficult to control or quit in the past. You will pick up important hints and tips on how to control your drinking as well as meeting others who understand you. We are a friendly, relaxed bunch of people so don’t feel shy about meeting us!



Our talks and group meetings are small groups of people interested in learning more about how alcohol affects our lives. You will be in a group of no more than 8 people. The groups will be led by Julie Ward, Alcohol Specialist and Managing Director of ACT Alcohol Ltd, assisted by members of her team.

We will help you understand why you drink, and why you have found it so difficult to reduce or quit in the past. These informative meetings cover the different types of problem drinking and explains the various stages of alcohol dependency.

 The subjects we cover are all aspects of drinking such as habit, social drinking, or drinking because of stress,anxiety, boredom. The meeting looks at why as a society we ignore the risks of over-indulgence, even though there are so many consequences to excessive drinking. Most importantly these talks will give you a different mindset and attitude towards drinking, breaking some of the myths and misconceptions which keep up trapped in the drinking cycle!



 Talks & Group Dates



‘Group Social Meeting’ – Once A Month (Just Come Along)


Meet other people for social, support and advice. Pick up tips and strategies to change the way you drink. Regular informative talks and topics of interest. Led by an experienced Alcohol Specialist. Very informal and relaxed!

Dates in May 2019 :- 15th    Dates in June 2019 :- 12th

6.15pm – 7.30pm

Location :-  Bromsgrove Therapy Centre, 2 Windsor Street, Bromsgrove, B60 2BG (round building)

Admission Fee £8, Refreshments & Snacks included

To enquire email:- julie@actalcohol.co.uk or call 01527 878162

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