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The most effective way to reduce or quit your drinking is to attend one of our live group seminars. The seminar will help you understand why you drink and why you have found it so difficult to control or quit in the past. 

Our live seminars last for about 4 hours and you will be in a group of no more than 10 people. The group will be led by Julie Ward, Alcohol Specialist and Managing Director of ACT Alcohol Ltd.

The seminar will help you understand why you drink, and why you have found it so difficult to reduce or quit in the past. This informative seminar covers the different types of problem drinking and explains the various stages of alcohol dependency.

It covers all aspects of drinking such as habit, social drinking, or drinking because of stress,anxiety, boredom. The seminar looks at why as a society we ignore the risks of over-indulgence, even though there are so many consequences to excessive drinking.

Most importantly this seminar will give you a different mindset and attitude towards drinking, breaking some of the myths and misconceptions which keep up trapped in the drinking cycle.

This is new way of thinking is reinforced by the introduction of unique strategies that you would never have thought of yourself! We will teach you the techniques we use every day as Alcohol Specialists to break alcohol dependency and achieve moderate drinking.

 Seminars Dates

‘Moderate February’ – Reduce or Quit Drinking

Saturday 9th Feb 2018 – Holiday inn Bromsgrove  9.30 am till 1pm

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