Julie’s 5 ‘Top Tips’ To Change The Way You Drink This Party Season


There are work parties to attend, family gatherings and many occasions where we’re encouraged to celebrate which more often than we would like, ends in a night that we can’t remember!


Why not drink differently this Christmas? Maybe the answer is that you just want to let your hair down and not have to think about it. It sounds too much like hard work….but its not. This is much easier than you think, and only takes some time and commitment to a few small changes that will make all the difference. Once you have made your decisions then you won’t have to think about it at all. Commit to these small but important changes and enjoy yourself.



1) Decide what you’re NOT going to drink


I know this sounds so obvious, but seriously – don’t we all have a type of drink that we know we shouldn’t touch?  You know which one I mean because you have it in your mind now. It’s the drink that tips you over the edge, and not in a good way. Its ‘got to go’ if you are to have a good Christmas. I’m not saying give it up all together (although that would be a good idea, I gave up wine 4 years ago and haven’t looked back) but commit to having a break from it. You can still drink other things but not that. You know it makes sense.



2) Choose TWO of these simple strategies


  • EAT before drinking
  • Cut down the size of your drink (i.e. from large to medium)
  • Set 1 or 2 drink-free day(s) over Christmas and stick to it
  • Add ice to your drinks. This preserves the initial strong taste but results in a longer, more hydrating drink.
  • Leave your drink in the kitchen or another room so you have to move to fetch it. Keep a glass of water/juice next to it so you have an alternative drink.
  • Have a soft drink in between every TWO alcoholic drinks.
  • Slow down the first two drinks…this sets the tone for moderation. Make them last at least an hour
  • Put your drink down in between each sip, move it away from you. Do not keep it permanently attached to you!



3) Write it down


This isn’t the time to be leaving things to chance or relying on your memory. The act of putting pen to paper helps to seal the deal. Do it now! You already have a plan in your head so jot down your strategies on paper and put it where you will see it at least 3 times a day. On the fridge door? In the toilet J ? You will think of somewhere.



4) Tell someone else


Saying it out loud is your way of making a verbal commitment and somehow makes it seem real! This is a brave step, but the most important one.  We all need to be kept accountable for the decisions we make otherwise we will wobble and convince ourselves its not that important. Choose someone who is supportive, even better someone who will do it with you. You are thinking about that person right now, maybe even speaking to them as you are reading this. If you are a private person and don’t want people around you to know, please tell me! Email me your plan; I would love to hear from you. Julie@actalcohol.co.uk



5) Give yourself permission to say no


When you’re truly want to make a change, there’s nothing that you really ‘have’ to do. You CAN leave early, you CAN stay say ‘no’ to that last drink. You can choose to do things differently. Whenever you feel you ‘have’ to do something, ask yourself – will this matter a month from now, or a year from now? You know the answer.



Good luck with drinking differently this Christmas!


Don’t forget that you can always contact me for words of wisdom or to share stories. Email Julie@actalcohol.co.uk


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