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Franchise Opportunity

Working as an ACT Alcohol Franchise Partner is fantastically rewarding and fulfilling experience for anyone who invests in the franchise – now more than ever we need to ensure every major town has an Alcohol Specialist in their local community – that could be you.

By becoming a Franchise Partner with us you’ll be invited to a world of unique knowledge, and experience. You will benefit from an exclusive and guaranteed business model that is proven to be recession proof!

Why Choose Act Alcohol?


ACT Franchise will offer guidance, education and training as well as support in many other key areas. We believe a franchisor-franchisee relationship is built on mutual trust and respect, so open, two-way conversation is a must to create a valuable and long-lasting relationship.

Cultivating a positive and productive relationship is vital if your new business is to run at maximum efficiency. We will support you to develop a strong brand identity and teaching you consistent business strategies, will lay the foundations for your success.

Taking care of our franchise-franchisee relationships is important to us, just as we strive to support our clients on their journey to recovery. We aim to support and encourage our new franchise partnerships until they are fully trained and confident enough to thrive independently. We will provide clear leadership with consistent support and communication. Our team aim to be approachable and visible at all times, which is we know is fundamental in ensuring that both parties stay engaged with each other, working towards mutual goals.

Your Business Opportunity

As a Franchise Partner you will learn how to build your own ACT Alcohol business and make a real difference to hundreds of people in your own exclusive area.

You will learn how to form and structure your business for success in this niche section of the market. We will teach you:

  • How to market your business and target your advertising expenses to ensure maximum sales potential.

  • The importance of working with other service providers to access ideal clients with a guaranteed referral pathway.

  • Ways to develop your network of key contacts that will help your business develop and keep on growing as your reputation expands.

  • Understanding of how your business can offer complimentary products to clients who need supplementary and nutritional support to break their alcohol dependency.

You will receive 25 hours of comprehensive, expert training with support every step of the way. You will have access to our unique strategies and techniques only known to us, guaranteed to ensure you make a difference to your client’s life, and make your own business successful.

Our Competative Advantage


ACT Alcohol Coaching & Therapy = Local professionals offering a unique combination of personalised therapy, strategies and techniques successfully proven to break alcohol dependency with immediate response times and no waiting list.

Original Concept

  • A unique concept which meets a currently unmet need in the marketplace.

  • Delivery of a proven successful, alcohol treatment plan called the ACT Programme

  • Immediately accessible service. Potential clients can speak to an Alcohol Specialist on the same day. No appointment waiting times longer than 1 week, no waiting list for clients. One unique selling-point is that our help is readily available when our clients really need it!


  • Support for partners, family members and couples.

  • Clients are allocated their own personal ACT Therapist or Coach who continues to work with them throughout their treatment programme, and into maintenance.


  • Additional services. These include hypnotherapy, meditation, couples counselling, scheduled telephone support and coaching for partners and/or family members.

  • ACT Health Products. Clients can purchase Anti- Crave products and vitamin supplements to support the programmes effectivity, and improve overall physical and mental health.


  • Potential to work alongside other organisations offering alcohol treatment therapy within the private and/or public sector. ACT Alcohol is an ideal referral pathway for organisations who support clients with social/mental health problems.
  • It is common place for an individual or family to access support services for help, and often alcohol abuse is identified as a contributory, if not primary factor. These organisations look to refer clients who present with alcohol related issues to ACT Alcohol for specialist help and guidance.

The Package

Franchise Cost: £17,995 + VAT

Ongoing Fees: 7% of Turnover

  • Rights to use the ACT Alcohol Limited brand name
  • Full training covering all areas of the business
  • Exclusive franchise territory
  • Processes, systems and templates to run the business
  • Ongoing support and regular business updates
  • ACT Therapies programmes and materials
  • Health products initial stock
  • Picture boards
  • Central website
  • Central social media
  • Specialist software to run the business
  • Marketing materials, documents, and collateral
  • Stationary package

Interested ?

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