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Alcohol Detox

You may be looking to take a complete break from alcohol. Our natural therapeutic detox will help you to achieve this over a 14 day period. With our specialist support and guidance you will be alcohol free and feeling great in no time.




If you are looking to take a complete break from alcohol our natural therapeutic detox is just for you. Over a 14 day period we will safely reduce your alcohol levels until you are abstinent and feeling great.

Our detox is medication free. Abstinence is achieved by careful reaction planning with an Alcohol Specialist, hypnotherapy techniques and nutrition support. For 14 days you will be monitored daily by our team, ultimate care and attention will be given to you whilst you are detoxing. You will be on a personal 14 day detox plan which is agreed with you on your assessment. You will be given a timetable of treatments and your reduction target for each day of the detox. Quite a challenge!

Many of us struggle to reduce our alcohol intake over a long period of time because its difficult! It takes a huge amount of willpower and theres withdrawal symptoms to deal with as well. A combination of these factors leads us to give up and our old drinking patterns take over. This,over time, creates a destructive cycle without properly addressing your relationship with alcohol.

Our 14 day detox removes you from that cycle. When you are abstinent then we can help you take a focused look at you relationship with alcohol and assess how you arrived at the point of dependency. With knowledge of your triggers to drinking, together with awareness of how the issue developed, you can feel more confident of not entering back into the same old patterns of drinking.

It will be the best thing you ever did! Contact us today to enquire.

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