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We understand that when you are struggling with alcohol dependency it can affect your relationships. Our experienced team specialise in bringing families and couples closer together again. Together we will help you to find a better way of communicating with each other, with the aim of healing hurt feelings and mending bridges going forward.

Strengthen your relationships with our ‘Choose Together’ programme


Whether you’re struggling with your drinking or dealing with a loved one that just won’t stop drinking, getting everybody in the family involved is crucial to success. We encourage partner and family sessions because there’s a great deal of power in knowing that your loved ones are behind you, willing to stand by you throughout the process.

Partner and Family Sessions

Alcohol issues affect the entire family, so seeking help together is the best way to overcome your issues and reconnect as a team. We always start out with an initial FREE consultation to determine your specific needs and goals. Partner and family sessions are weekly at 1 hour per session.



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