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Why Do Some People Drink Too Much?

Why do some people drink too much? i get asked that question so many times. The truth is that everyone is different and there is no exact science to it. If only! However there is one common factor that undeniably points to being an important reason for someone...

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Julie’s Tip For The Weekend

My Tip :- Eat Before You Drink, Not After! Don't get so excited about the fact its the weekend that you start to drink too early, and forget to eat! Make sure you line your stomach before you have that first drink. This has so many health benefits. Alcohol on an empty...

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Julie’s Tip For The Weekend

My Tip :- Put your drink down! Many of us keep our glass constantly in our hands when we are drinking, so most of our sipping is done without any conscious thought at all. Moderate drinkers always put there drinks down, or away from them, and take their time in...

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Drink differently this Christmas!

Julie’s 5 ‘Top Tips’ To Change The Way You Drink This Party Season   There are work parties to attend, family gatherings and many occasions where we’re encouraged to celebrate which more often than we would like, ends in a night that we can’t remember!   Why...

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