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Why do some people drink too much? i get asked that question so many times. The truth is that everyone is different and there is no exact science to it. If only!

However there is one common factor that undeniably points to being an important reason for someone developing a drink issue in adulthood. This is the age that a person starts drinking, or is introduced to alcohol. The earlier the age, the more likely it is for them to abuse alcohol later in life.

I met someone today who started drinking at the age of 8 because her parents had people round to drink every night and she just joined in with them! No one told her it was wrong because they were enjoying themselves too much to notice. No one noticed that she was staggering around at an early age and passing out drunk in bed. That was normal to her because no-one ever told her otherwise. Shocking isn’t it.
So in my opinion the roots to a persons drinking starts very early on. The age that the abusive drinking starts, and the reasons for that happening are key factors.

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