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Denial is common among those suffering with alcohol dependency. Your loved ones may have tried to discuss the problem with you, but you were unable to see things as clearly as them. Denial is one of the body’s defence mechanisms and is employed by the brain to protect you from a harsh reality. It can be useful for a short period but if it continues, can end up causing harm.

Denial is the MOST COMMON obstacle to recovery because it can prevent you from seeing the truth of your situation. If you are practicing denial, you can continue with your addictive behaviour without consequence or responsibility for your actions. If it is strong enough, it can be projected to your family members and friends, who will then also be convinced that your problem is either not as bad as it seems or is something else entirely.

On the other side of the fence, It’s hard to be the partner of someone with an alcohol issue when they cannot realise that they are dependent. It may take some time for your partner to admit he or she has an addiction problem. Some people wait it out for yeas to see if their partner admits they need help, when others end up breaking up. There’s no such right or wrong answer here. It totally depends on the individual and the situation.

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